Royal Destiny, or RD for short, is a “My Little Pony fan-fiction”. fan-fiction means it’s a story written by a fan and as such is not part of the official MLP canon.

Unlike most fanfiction, RD does not deal with any known worlds in the MLP world or any known characters. Most characters are based on gen2 ponies; this is most obvious with ponies like Ivy and Twinkle Star, but I have renamed most other ponies or invented original characters.
The world RD takes place in is entirely of my own invention, as are its laws and its magical properties.


Royal Destiny is the story of the princesses of the Friendship Lands. Princess Ivy, heir to her mother’s throne, grew up in a remote and small country, living a peaceful and maybe even a dull life. This all changes when two of her sisters ,who she did not even know existed, show up on their doorstep, revealing to her that her place in the world is not as small and insignificant as she had always thought.

The history of Royal Destiny

RD was born in 1999, even though back then, that’s not something I was aware of, nor something that carried a name. In 1999, I was already a My Little Pony collector, and I had purchased the first set of the Royal Ponies of the gen2 line (for more information on gen2 ponies please visit my site Rainbow Forest), which consisted of Ivy, Morning Glory (Fleur in the story) and Queen Sun Sparkle (Queen Regina). I still loved to play with the ponies, and so I made up how Ivy and Fleur were Regina’s daughters, and they ruled over a rather small country.
Soon, however, I got more and more gen2 royal ponies, and in order for them to fit in my made-up country, I thought of more and more ways these ponies were related to Fleur, Ivy and Regina. By 2001, much of what is now Royal Destiny was living in my mind and this world became larger every day.
During this time, I also became a big fan of anime, and I was impressed by some long-running series. I decided, one day, that it would be awesome if my pony story was a long anime as well, and I started to write down how the individual chapters were called. This “episode list” is something I still have and use as a guideline for my story.
As I grew older myself, the stories I came up with became more complex and more character-driven. By 2003, I had revisited my episode list several times already, and the story, even the earliest parts, had evolved into a solid story with a clear beginning and ending, stretching over almost 400 episodes.
I have always been in love with writing. As a kid I always said I wanted to be an author, and deep in my heart I still do. In 2003 I decided to gather up my courage and start writing the only story I had which was, in my head, finished; Royal Destiny. And so, on December 30th, 2003, I finished the first chapter, not knowing if I was ever going to finish it.

For over 9 years I worked on Royal Destiny, with ups and downs. There were periods where I wrote a chapter each day for a month, and plenty of periods where I was so busy with other things that I feared I would never have time to write again. I watched the story change and evolve and the further along I got, the more the story matured from what it originally was.

May 20th, 2013 was the day I finished the final chapter of RD. To be honest back in 2003 I didn’t think I’d ever get there, but I did. I hope you all enjoy my story!