The Obsidian Dusk cover!


coverHere it is, the cover to Shadow Destiny; the obsidian dusk, made by the wonderful Glitzy Gems! I am absolutely blown away by how beautiful it is, and how well it fits the story! Thank you SO much, Glitzy Gems!

Meanwhile I’ve written over 20K words in one week on Shadow Destiny for Nanowrimo. It’s going really well!


Chapter 5 and Nanowrimo!

Chapter 5 is online! Please enjoy and I’m always looking forward to hearing your opinion!

I have also decided to participate in Nanowrimo this year, so I will write 50.000 words of Shadow Destiny the upcoming month (hopefully)! Assuming I meet this target I will start posting new chapters every week from December on, because 50.000 words is more than half the story, so I would be almost done by then. Not before December though, as the chapters do need some editing! 😉

New Royal Destiny art!

Whew, some Royal Destiny news! Lunacat has finished another magnificent piece of art to accompany Royal Destiny. This scene is from Resurrection of the Guardians chapter 65: Royal Destiny and features Twinkle Star. It’s absolutely breathtaking!


Chapter 4 online!

Chapter 4 is online, starring the final POV character, keeper Chanta! Read all about her here!

In non-Destiny news, my story ‘By a Thread’ has been published in the Dutch ‘Fantastisch Strijdtoneel IV’ anthology. This anthology features the 20 highest ranked contestants of the ‘Fantasy Strijd Brugge’, a contest for Dutch fantasy stories up to 1500 words, plus 5 special picks from the editor. My story was one of the five special picks and I’m so excited and happy that it got published!

If you’re Dutch and interested in this anthology, it should be for sale here soon!

Chapter two available!

I’m sorry for the slight delay, I was on holiday and had incorrectly assumed I would be back in time to post chapter 2 yesterday.

It’s available now! Be ready to meet lady Amina. You can find the chapter here!

Chapter 3 will be called ‘Flin’ and will be available September 21st 🙂

First chapter online – The High Queen!

The first chapter of Shadow Destiny – The Obsidian Dusk is now available! Titled The High Queen, it will introduce you to princess Kena! Have fun reading and I’m always interested in hearing your opinion. The second chapter will be available September 9th, 2014.

Shadow Destiny will be available as separate chapters for now.

All character descriptions and illustrations are also available now!

The Guardians

In Shadow Destiny, the Guardians will play a slightly bigger role than they did in Royal Destiny. This is because in the timeframe of SD, the Guardians were a much bigger part of everyday life and they generally played a bigger role in the lives of ponies, especially the High Queens. In order to freshen up everyone’s memory, here’s a brief history of the Guardians. Please note that this does contain spoilers for Royal Destiny.

The origin and story of the Guardians

The Guardians were created by the Supreme Goddess Vitalia to watch over the world in her place. In a way, they are her children, first born on earth to a mortal pony. After a long life, they passed on like any other pony, only to return as an immortal being. The Guardians are alicorns and report only to Vitalia and the High Queen.

Eventually even the Guardians lost their link to the earth and all that remained of them was a part of their soul stored in stones which were spread out over the continent. After the death of Aras the final link between the Heavens and the earth was broken and Taira and her family traced the stones. Twinkle Star managed to resurrect the Guardians and restore the link. The first years after their resurrection, however, the Guardians were rarely seen as they were busy securing the link to make sure it would never break again.


Saule was the first Guardian and is often sought out by the others for guidance.


Roze, nicknamed the Flaming Guardian. She watches over the balance of the elements.


The copper Guardian. More so than the others, Laima watches over the earth itself instead of those living on it.


Her role was guarding the prana, or life force, of the planet, making sure it was distributed evenly and that nobody abused it. As such she came to care for all living beings, especially plant life as the others seemed less concerned with that.


For a long time, Fiume was the youngest of the Guardians and was nicknamed the Guardian of Water, because of her love for aquatic creatures. She formed a strong bond with Twinkle Star and through that with Câlin and Meran.


Aras, the Earth Guardian, was the only male. His role was different from the others; he was more connected to the earth than his sisters and he was meant as a link between them and the earth. This made him feel inferior to the others and in the end he rebelled against them. This rebellion failed and he was reduced to nothing but a spirit.
Eventually Aras managed to restore himself and he sought to break open the gates to the Heavens once more, but his plan was stopped by Twinkle Star and Taira.


Liuven was sent to the earth in a final attempt of Vitalia to protect the earth she had created. However, because Vitalia was very far away by then and because the oldest daughter of the queen of the Friendship lands and the heir were not the same pony, the soul was split in two, resulting in two girls who were part Guardian and part mortal: Illuvia and Twinkle Star. Eventually after both ponies had passed, their mortal parts died while their immortal parts became one once more. She returned to the earth when Câlin and Ruki summoned the Supreme Goddess one final time.

Shadow Destiny: The Obsidian Dusk

As promised, the prologue to the first part of Shadow Destiny launched today! You can find it here and under the Shadow Destiny tab of the site.

Shadow Destiny will take place thousands of years before the events of Royal Destiny, in a world still ruled by the High Queens and where the Guardians roamed the skies!

The continent is ruled by High Queen Raena from the Crown, a valley enclosed by mountains on all sides. Her third daughter Kena, however, isn’t interested in politics in the least and wants to explore the world – but as a princess, that’s not really an option.
Earth Guardian Aras meanwhile is requesting the aid of the Keepers when he notices something is amiss deep within the caverns of the earth. But not everything is as it seems and sometimes you can’t trust anyone, pony or Guardian alike…

The first part will be called ‘The Obsidian Dusk’. The first chapter will be available August 25th, 2014.