reginaRegina was the third child of queen Medina of the Friendship Lands. As such, she had never expected to become queen but after her two sisters were unable to become queen she found herself being her mother’s heir. When the Old Friendship Lands were destroyed and her mother had passed away, Regina was the one who led the survivors to a sanctuary in the northern mountains.
Here, Regina ruled in peace and quiet, protecting her ponies and helping them rebuild their lives. Traumatized by the loss of her children and family, Regina refused to talk about the Old Lands and forced herself to never look back until her two surviving daughters started asking questions.

Regina is a caring and righteous queen, putting her subject’s interests before her own.

After a long reign she finally gave up her crown to her eldest daughter Taira when she realized that hiding the country was no longer in everyone’s best interest.



tairaTaira is Regina’s eldest daughter. As an infant she was kidnapped by Aras together with her sister Hikary because of their great royal powers. He mind blocked them and used them for years to regain control and ultimately get his body back.
After she defeated Aras Taira lived with her family, rediscovering who she really is and what her true purpose is in life. Because of all that she’s been through, Taira is a very solemn pony who often doubts her own ability to do good.

Taira cares greatly for her country and the world and always tries to make up for the wrongs she has done. As the queen of the Friendship Lands, she concerns herself mostly with internal affairs, leaving contact with other countries up to her sister Hikary and her daughter Ruki.



hikaryHikary was princess Regina’s second daughter. Shortly after she was born she and her elder sister Taira were abducted by the Guardian Aras and all memory of them was erased, leaving the entire world to believe they had never existed.

Growing up, Aras often placed a mind seal to make Hikary forget anything but being his servant. during this time she called herself Rain. Even after being freed from his grasp, she refused to use her original name Hikary until she felt she deserved it.

When her older sister became queen, Hikary became her assistant and advisor. She’s usually a serious, hard working pony who will probably never stop trying to make up for the mess she made.


stellineStelline is a unicorn, which means she has greater than usual control over her royal powers. Long believed to be Regina’s eldest child, Stelline was raised to become the next queen.

She lived on her own for a long time, believing she caused the death of her sister Joker. After joining her family in the new Friendship Lands, Stelline soon gave birth to the twins Joyeux and Éclat.

Stelline remained at the castle ever since. She is very withdrawn from the others although she is a very intelligent and strong pony.


Joker was Regina’s fourth daughter. She was known as a happy young pony who often managed to cheer up others with her positive energy. She loved to work out and often encouraged her younger sisters to go out and play.
During the eruption, Joker passed away after trying to save a child. Stelline witnessed this and blamed herself for Jokers death for fifteen years until Twinkle Star and the others managed to convince her that Jokers death could not be blamed on anyone.

Twinkle Star

twinklestarTwinkle Star is Regina’s fifth daughter. After the eruption she lived on her own for years until she found her sister Crystal and made her way to the new Friendship Lands, only to run off again.
For years, Twinkle Star felt like she had to find her destiny, wandering through the world. After she took in Câlin, though, Twinkle Star settled down with Kiyoi and had a daughter of her own, Meran.

Always looking for answers, Twinkle Star is a curious pony who goes her own way. She’s protective and caring of her two daughters and would stop at nothing to protect them.


Crystal is Regina’s 6th daughter and the most intelligent of the bunch. She always put her country’s needs before her own and was heir for a little while after Twinkle Star ran away. She grew up on a little farm after the eruption but eventually managed to find the new Friendship Lands with her sister Twinkle Star.


ivyIvy is the oldest of the two children who managed to escape the eruption with her mother Regina. Raised as the heir to Regina’s new throne, Ivy is a smart and wise girl. After her older sisters return and become the queen’s heir, Ivy settled for a function as a steward of a part of the country.
When her sisters are off on their adventures, Ivy usually prefers to stay at home. She is closest with her younger sister Fleur but she also gets along with her fellow steward Aline.




Fleur is the only child of Regina not born in the old Friendship Lands but in the new Lands instead. As such, she never met her father or even her sisters and is the only child who has no recollection of the old Lands. She’s friendly and carefree and loves her country. She gets along very well with her older sister Ivy. Her royal powers are minimal but she makes up for them with her hard work. When her older sisters showed up, Fleur slowly withdrew herself from the political life and instead became more occupied with caring for the castle and her family.


chifreChifre is Reine’s firstborn and Illuvia’s older sister. She is a powerful unicorn with a large orange horn, which sets her apart from her cousin Stelline.
She spend most of her life looking after her unpredictable sister Illuvia, feeling responsible for her after their mother passed away.

Chifre is known as a wise and mature pony, who travels a lot and learns a lot on those journeys. She was a counsellor not just to Illuvia but also later to Twinkle Star and her cousin Câlin. As a unicorn, her connection to the Heavens is strong and she is able to read the stars.

She has a young daughter Corné who is also a unicorn and who she tries to raise in the same way, but she has often had to admit that while her daughter’s heart is pure, she is not as wise or connected to the world as she is.


calinCâlin is the daughter of Illuvia and Aras. As her mother was a half-Guardian and her father was a Guardian, Câlin is the first and only child ever to be born out of a union of two Guardians. As such she has wings herself and extraordinary royal powers.
Câlin lost both her parents at a very young age and was adopted by Twinkle Star. She spend the rest of her childhood at Kiyoi’s little house with her adoptive sister Meran.

Câlin absolutely loves all flowers and trees and enjoys spending time in the forest with her adoptive father. As she’s been through so much at such a young age, Câlin is very withdrawn and doesn’t make friends easily.


corneCorné is Chifre’s young daughter. She grew up following her mother around on her travels, first with her aunt Illuvia and cousin Câlin and later alone.
Corné is not a shy girl but she didn’t get a lot of experience interacting with other ponies because her mother avoided them. As a unicorn she later preferred to stay away from others as well so she wouldn’t draw unwanted attention to herself.

Growing up without a home to return to meant that Corné grew up accustomed to travelling. After her mother passed away she accepted a request from the Guardian Fiume to look for her cousin Câlin so she had a reason to travel around.


meranMeran is the only daughter of Twinkle Star and Kiyoi. Growing up without her mother, she is raised by her stepsister Câlin and her father. She doesn’t really know how to use her royal powers, because nobody ever took the time to teach her. She looks up to Câlin because her sister travels a lot and seems to know so much more than she does.
Meran is a free-spirited young girl with a strong sense of right and wrong and refuses to do things she doesn’t believe in. Growing up in a small house close to a small forest, Meran is curious about the world and enthusiastic about finally joining her sister on a journey.


caleanthaRuki decided her young daughter was to be brought up with the most normal childhood possible, so Caleantha ended up being the first royal pony attending a normal school.
With her mother away from the country often, Caleantha formed a strong bond with her father and with her aunt Frika, who she always considered her older sister instead of her aunt.

She makes new friends easily and loves to learn new things. While she’s aware that one day she would become the new queen of the Friendship Lands, she finds it hard to imagine what that would be like. As her mother is the first pony in generations to wield Old Magic, she often tries to awaken this power within herself, but without much succes.

Caleantha is friends with Asteria and is curious about the world, often hoping that her mother will take her along on her travels.


takatoAs the heir to the High Throne of the West, Takato ran off from home after he found out his father had killed his sister Asana. he formed the Asana bond with his fiancée Flora.
After he recruited princess Ruki to the bond, he was unable to distance himself from her. Ultimately, though, he chose Flora and decided to forget about Ruki. After overthrowing his father, Takato became the High King of the West, but whether he will do a better job than his father remains to be seen.

Takato is a strict pony and rules according to his own views, hardly ever taking the advice from others. He is strong in the use of Prana but he doesn’t use it very often as he is pre-occupied with politics.


asteriaAsteria is Takato’s youngest child and Firian’s baby sister. Her mother Flora died giving birth to her, something Takato was never able to cope with. As such, he always felt some kind of resentment towards his daughter.
Asteria is a happy and positive young girl, who loves her older brother Firian dearly. Unlike her aunt Asana she is unable to use prana, something that doesn’t bother her but which leaves her a little helpless at times.

Asteria is good friends with princess Caleantha of the Friendship Lands and sees Meran as an older sister.


kiyoiKiyoi is the keeper of a small forest in the East which is rich with fruits and herbs, and he makes a living by selling these.
When he met a lost pony with wings in the forest, he fell in love instantly.

He took in Twinkle Star’s adopted daughter Câlin and loves her as if she were his own. He’s the father of Meran and his two daughters are the most important thing in the world for him.

His small house at the edge of the forest is always open to visitors, especially to friends and family. He’s a handy little pony and is very good at finding solutions for practical problems. While his relationship with Twinkle Star got him involved in the affairs of the royals, he has always kept his hooves firmly on the ground and refuses to be swept away by things he doesn’t even understand.


Junai, Kiyoi´s younger brother, was never content with guarding a forest and spending his life there, never going anywhere new. So he left his home and travelled the East for a while, but he learned this was not the life he wanted, either. When he heard that there was a young, new country accepting new citizens, he decided to give it a try. He build a house there and wanted to set up a trade, but he found himself falling in love with a girl from the castle, lady Aline.
They got married and he intended to support her while she worked as the new steward, but he was killed before he could begin to enjoy his life with her.


arasAras was the sixth guardian created by the Supreme Goddess Vitalia. Born to link the other five to the world, Aras soon became discontent with this role and aimed for a higher status. Vitalia however punished him by banishing his soul to the world without a body.
Ultimately he regained enough strength to control the two young princesses of the Friendship Lands, Taira and Hikary. Through them he regained the queen’s crown and managed to recreate his body so he could force open the gate to the Heavens to defeat the other Guardians once and for all.

While his plan was ultimately destroyed by Taira once she had regained control over her own mind, he left behind his daughter Câlin whom he had with Illuvia, making him the only guardian who ever had a child.