When will Shadow Destiny be released?

The first chapter will launch August 25th, 2014, one year since the final chapter of Royal Destiny. Subsequent chapters will launch every other Sunday.

When does Shadow Destiny take place? Will there be any familiar characters?

It takes place thousands of years before the events of Royal Destiny, when the Guardians were still on the Earth, including Aras. In this time the High Queens still ruled the entire continent and there was no division between East and West. So apart from the Guardians, there will be an all new cast of characters.

Will Shadow Destiny have five parts as well?

No. Shadow Destiny will have two parts. Both parts will be about the same length as The Daylight Star.

Can I read Shadow Destiny without having read Royal Destiny?

Yes, this is possible. The Shadow Destiny story is a stand alone story and can be read individually. However, there are small references to certain events and objects from Royal Destiny which you will miss and the world might be easier to understand if you’ve read Royal Destiny first.