Princess Kena

KenaPrincess Kena is the third daughter of High Queen Raena. While she’s a princess, she’s more interested in roaming the countryside with her best friend Flin. Court matters bore her and she’s not very close with her mother or any of her sisters. Her family considers her a troublemaker.




Lady Amina

AminaLady Amina is the young and only daughter of the mayor of Iruld, a coastal village. She’s under a lot of pressure from her parents who expect her to hold up the family name. This causes her to act superior to other ponies her age, even though she’s just insecure and scared.





FlinFlin works on one of the farms that provide the royal household with food of the highest quality. He’s slightly older than princess Kena and her best friend.¬†While he loves working on the farm, he wants to see the world before¬†taking over from his father, but his parents feel like it’s a waste of time. Flin is very down to earth and has a healthy obsession with strawberry jam.




Chanta, the Keeper

chantaChanta is the main Keeper of the shrine in the mountains surrounding the crown. As main Keeper she oversees all contact with the Guardians and stays in touch with the royal house. As an orphan, Chanta was raised by the keepers and has devoted her entire life to their cause. She was promoted to main keeper at an early age and takes her job very seriously. She’s respected by the other keepers and is currently raising an orphan herself. She has a pure voice and loves to sing hymns. It is rumored Guardian Rasa often comes to listen to her songs.