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Updates & my absence

Hi everyone!

Due to things out of my control, I was unable to work on Shadow Destiny the past year. Fortunately things seem to be calming down, so I uploaded the next chapter, the shrine! Enjoy!

Also, I re-uploaded the resurrection of the Guardians PDF file, something apparently went wrong with the old file making it hard to read.

Chapter 15 is online

Hi all!

I’m back from hiatus. I wish I had a good explanation for my dropping off the face of the earth internet like that, but I’m afraid I don’t. Real life got in the way!

Anyway. Chapter 15 is online now. Go check it out here!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everypony! I hope you’re having a lovely time with lots of yummy chocolate! =)

Chapter 13, Meeting a Guardian, is now available! How will Amina react when she sees a Guardian for the first time in her life?

Chapter 8

Chapter 8 of Shadow Destiny is now online! Once again my sincerest apologies, I have been quite ill the past couple of weeks (which completely ruined my holidays), so I did not have the energy to even be online. I will try my hardest to keep up with my bi-weekly schedule from now on!!!

My apologies

First of all, my apologies for disappearing for over 4 weeks. At first, I was really busy with Nanowrimo, which I finished, meaning I’ve written a whole lot of (first drafts of) chapters of Shadow Destiny. I’m really quite happy with all that I’ve written, and the story has become so much more special than I initially anticipated. It will also probably be a bit longer than I had planned, but that’s okay. It won’t be as long as the initial parts of RD!

When I finished Nano though real life got crazy busy leaving me with too little time to edit the chapters – and they needed editing, because some things changed as the story developed. Even so I should have put up a notice, and I’m sorry it slipped my mind to do so.

Anyhow, I’m back on track and the next chapter, 7, is now available! I hope you enjoy it!